Randy started playing out professionally at age 15.

Over the years, he has worked with a long list of people, doing a variety of music. He is usually juggling multiple projects, and has performed on many stages - large and small - as well as main stages with national artists. 

More recently, Randy spent the last 20 years with the Minnesota based recording Artists Gypsy. “Gypsy has given me some of the best musical experiences of my life. I have met some wonderful people, and have learned a lot”.  

Though Randy has usually been with bands, he welcomes the duo. “The duo allows me to experiment and try new things, which I enjoy. We don’t use backing tracks, we just keep it simple and real and I like that”. 

Randy has also toured as a guitar and bass tech for Steve Farris and Richard Page of Mr Mister traveling with Heart on the Bad Animals Tour. Through that time he met many international recording artists, and was given the opportunity to continue touring as a career, but he turned it down. “I decided early on that I wanted be the one to PLAY the guitar, instead of handing it off. Even if it was nothing more than a corner stage somewhere”.

 Apart from being on stage, he is also one of three partners at Metro Sound and Lighting in St Paul where he heads up the Contracting Division. Randy designs and oversees the installation of commercial audio, video, and lighting projects for a wide variety of applications.